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Physician Burnout Life Coach Certified

Deanna Larson MD

Stuck? Frustrated? Exhausted?  Physician burnout is real—I know; I’ve been there. Working as an internal medicine physician in hospitals and clinical settings, I’ve experienced the physician burnout that hits almost everyone at one point or another. Something has to be done.

My mission is to help other medical professionals who are feeling stuck through leadership coaching and physician coaching. In spite of the changing healthcare system that facilitates physician burnout, I’m still working in medicine because I’ve found a strategy that works, and it will work for you, too. Let me help you get through your physician burnout and those feelings of exhaustion—don’t wait until it’s too late. There is hope.

Reset Your Mind

Burnout Prevention

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Recharge Your Life

1:1 Burnout Coaching

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Renew Your Career

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Tom R. M.D.

“Dr. Deanna showed me how to start to make real changes.  She understood exactly what I was going through, and I was surprised how quickly I started seeing results.”

Jenna J. M.D.

“I couldn’t have done it without Deanna.   I dreaded going to work every day and didn’t know what I was going to do.  I felt trapped and was about to give up when I was given her name.  I am so glad I reached out.”

Allie B. M.D.

“This program was so helpful.  The best part was having someone to keep me accountable and on track.  I get so busy and I needed to take this time just for myself!”

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