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Deanna Larson MD

Stuck? Frustrated? Exhausted? I’ve been there! I started as an internal medicine physician over 25 years ago working in both the clinic and the hospital. I was always most interested in hospital work and when available transitioned into hospital medicine. I loved my job in spite of the long days and long call nights. I was honored to care for my patients, but over time healthcare changed. The increase in paperwork, insurance headaches, non-clinical tasks, and administrators morphed my job into something I no longer recognized. I knew that things needed to change and that I needed more control over my schedule, over my life. All of the challenges associated with the job that I loved were making me unhappy.
I can’t pinpoint precisely when the burnout began, but I remember how hard it was to admit to myself that I hated my job. It was even harder to say it out loud, and it took years for me to reach out for help. I was desperate, I struggled, and I made a lot of mistakes. Finally, I got a coach and started working on my own burnout. The more I learned about my burnout and the principals of the coaching model, the more excited and interested I became in becoming a Life Coach myself.

At this point, I knew the statistics on burnout, but it didn’t really hit home to me, or our hospital until a colleague committed suicide. I don’t claim to know the reasons behind his actions or that it was because of his job and burnout, but I do know that the situations he faced were challenging. I do know that healthcare professionals are not getting the resources they need to feel like they can take adequate care of their patients. I do know that there was little support for those of us trying to understand the loss and deal with our burnout. And I know for sure that SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE.

I think about him often. I think about his family and still wonder if something could have been done. I think about others like him and I’ve made it my mission to help other medical professionals who are stuck, frustrated, and exhausted. I am now a Burnout Recovery Life Coach. I can proudly say that in spite of all of the changes in the healthcare system that have contributed to physician burnout, I am still working because I have found a strategy that works. I have the tools you need so that you don’t have to be overwhelmed, unsupported, or walk away from your career in medicine if you don’t want to. Don't wait as I did. There's hope.

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Tom R. M.D.

“Dr. Deanna showed me how to start to make real changes.  She understood exactly what I was going through, and I was surprised how quickly I started seeing results.”

Jenna J. M.D.

“I couldn’t have done it without Deanna.   I dreaded going to work every day and didn’t know what I was going to do.  I felt trapped and was about to give up when I was given her name.  I am so glad I reached out.”

Allie B. M.D.

“This program was so helpful.  The best part was having someone to keep me accountable and on track.  I get so busy and I needed to take this time just for myself!”